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Linux Voice – Crowd funding

Linux Voice – A new magazine currently seeking crowd funding.

As a long time reader of the Linux Format magazine, a brilliant read, I was quite shocked to find out that some key members of this magazine had left. They also had a pretty entertaining podcast on, where they made their announcement to leave linux format on the last episode of their podcast there.

However, do not despair! Those that did leave decided to start a new magazine/podcast, called Linux Voice, which has been a very pleasant surprise. The guys are currently running a crowdfund onĀ their Indiegogo page, any pledges will be welcome I’m sure.

The project sounds good to me, considering the magazines in the past had shareholders and bosses to please, this new format should give them more freedom and we should see even better content. I personally can’t wait and wish the guys success in this project.

Find out more on their website and their Indiegogo page, both of which are linked above.

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