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Dropping Dropbox

I’ve been a Dropbox user since 2008. I’ve enjoyed using Dropbox over the years, with native linux support and native android support I was able to back up what I wanted to back up (i.e. phone, desktop and server contents) with ease and without having to think about it.

Alas, the time has come for me to give up using Dropbox. Dropbox made a decision this month to appoint Condoleezza Rice, the former secretary of state, to the company’s board of directors. Condoleezza Rice is no friend of privacy. Anyway, I could go on but this issue has been covered in the media enough. For more info visit

Basically, I cannot trust my data with a company who has an advocate of wire tapping in their board of directors. I was hoping Dropbox would change their minds amidst all the concerned customers raising their voices, but they are standing by their decision.

For now I am considering switching to ownCloud while my data is rsynced to my backup server for the time being.

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