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[mIRC] Request: Coloured nicks

This little snippet will simply colour nicknames when you send a message to a channel that contains nicknames within a line. It wont work if you have other on input events, I.e. acronyms, etc.. you’d have to implement it into that input event. Enjoy!

on *:INPUT:#:{
  if ($active == Status Window) return
  if ($left($1,1) == $readini($mircini,text,commandchar)) || ($left($1,1) == $chr(47)) return
  var %msg $1-
  var %num $numtok($1-,32)
  var %x 1
  while (%x <= %num) {
    var %rand $rand(2,15)
    if ($gettok(%msg,%x,32) ison $chan) var %msg $puttok(%msg,$+($chr(3),%rand,$gettok(%msg,%x,32),$chr(3)),%x,32)
    inc %x
  msg $chan %msg
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